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SUNperformance professional

With our team of experts we develop integrated lighting solutions.

Lighting team of experts

Rising energy costs and the onset of the energy transition prompts you to combine lighting concepts with artificial and natural light sensibly and affordably in commercial applications and real estate, such as storage warehouses and production buildings or showrooms.


Green Lighting

Green Lighting

Conventional roof light bands or skylights (photo on the left) do not provide consistent illumination. Therefore, energy saving is not possible by e.g. dimming the electric lighting, because the difference in brightness between the bright and dark zones is too large. With SUNperformance daylight systems (photo on the right), this can easily be realised because of the uniform illumination. 


The main focus of the Lighting team of experts is to meet the specific requirements of the commercial clientele and to deliver round-the-clock as much light as is required by regulations, is demanded by human needs and is economically advantageous.

The Lighting team of experts creates customer-specific and location-specific lighting plans for natural and artificial light in analyses (target/actual comparisons, before/after considerations) and understandable economic calculations in the form of an expert lighting appraisal.

Priority is given to optimised acquisition costs, operating costs and maintenance costs, high light quality and energy-efficient solutions, which even now meet the energy demands of the future.